• COVID-19 Antibody Testing

    Testing for PAST infection and antibodies only

  • How It Works

    IGG Antibody Testing Provided in Partnership with Quest Diagnostics


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  • Q: Does this test for CURRENT infection? A: NO

    This test is strictly for finding out if you have antibodies present that would suggest you have been previously infected by COVID-19.

    Q: Does this mean I'm immune to COVID-19? A: NO

    There is still too much to learn about COVID-19 to say with authority that antibodies imply immunity. However, as we receive more information knowing whether or not you have been infected, if your family has been exposed, and how that has impacted you and your family will be helpful information in the coming days.

    Q: Will I be tested at Care First Walk-In Clinic A: NO

    Unfortunately, we are not able to provide the test at the clinic at this time. However, in order to get tested at Quest you will need a written order from us. We can easily screen and provide you with a written order through a televisit.

    Q: How much does it cost? A: The clinic visit + the lab cost

    Our televisits are our most affordable option at $50 for self-pay patients or your copay. The billing for the lab is handled through Quest and is $55 for self-pay patients or the cost as issued per your insurance provider.

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