• Clinic Updates Regarding Covid-19

    See our Facebook page for immediate updates as they happen.

    New Hours: 9 am to 3 pm

  • Visiting the Clinic

    We are working diligently to make changes on a near-daily basis to aggressively protect our patients and staff and ensure we are able to continue to safely provide care for the ongoing medical needs of our community.



    Screening & Waiting Areas

    When you arrive at the clinic, you will see a sign asking you to knock or call the office.


    Our staff will then ask a number of screening questions before you are given admittance inside.


    Upon entry, you will be directed immediately to a patient care room.


    At capacity, you will be asked to wait in line, where there are designated spaces for each patient.


    If you have fever and cough, or known exposure to someone who has Coronavirus or has been quarantined, we cannot allow you to come inside the clinic and you will be advised of your tele-visit options. We can now see you virtually even if you've never been a patient at Care First.




    Visit the Clinic From Your Couch

    To schedule your appointment call 512-548-5373


    Submit the necessary paperwork: Telemedicine Agreement


    Check your email for the Zoom link. (If you are using your laptop, you do not need to download Zoom. If you are using your cell phone, you will want to download the Zoom app)


    At your appointment time, simply click the link we sent you and you'll be directed to our online meeting room.


    During our tele-visit we can assess, diagnose, provide a plan for care and prescribe medications just like a live visit ⎯ all while you're in the comfort of your own home, vehicle or where ever life has you.


    Self-pay? Tele-visits are only $50.

  • If you believe you have Covid-19, please CALL AHEAD before visiting any medical facility.

  • See the Latest

    From the Texas State Health Department on testing, prevention and care for Covid-19

  • Patient Care

    is our #1 priority


    Protecting the health of you and our staff is my #1 concern. We have aggressive screening measures in place because it is crucial that we are able to continue to provide care for the ongoing medical needs of our community. At this time, we are being advised to ask patients to stay home or return to their vehicles and self-quarantine rather than enter the clinic, if we believe you are at risk of having covid-19. At that time, we can advise you on the next best steps.


    We are not providing tests for the coronavirus at the clinic. If you believe you need to be tested, we can screen you over the phone, schedule a tele-visit and refer you to the local organizations currently administering tests.


    Many patients require ongoing medical attention. It is our hope that our patients do not stop care because they are worried about being exposed or don't want to "clog-up" the system. Please instead choose to schedule a tele-visit and continue to maintain quality care and overall health.

  • Yes we are here! Please stop and call to answer our screening questions to come inside.

    We have restructured our waiting areas to provide for spacious, clean areas if we are at capacity in our patient care rooms.

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