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Decreasing Inflammation

Spoiler Alert…..YES, we recommend Turmeric.

For the majority of what I like to call stressed-out, middle-class America, those who are constantly pressed for time and will not make it to the end of this read, I put the best part first. A lot of people are taking turmeric or thinking about taking it and it IS a great anti-inflammatory agent.

So, the word on the street is that Nurse Practitioners are great at prevention, but what the heck does that mean? Well, to be honest, it means a lot of things (physically, mentally, spiritually), and each patient needs an individualized plan of care. However, there are many commonalities between our patients, and one of them is the need to decrease inflammation!

So how does stressed-out, middle-class America, who comes in to the Care First parking lot rushed and beaten down with tight schedules, multiple daily demands and eating the Standard American Diet (ha! that was a mouthful) decrease inflammation? Rome was not built in a day, so let’s start with the basics.

Clean up your diet

Your body was meant to thrive on fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, natural fats, nuts, seeds and lots of water. When you eat spinach, your body immediately recognizes it and knows how to use its nutrients. When you eat the laundry list of ingredients found in most processed food, your body is not as easily able to get what it needs.

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Decrease your stress

Talk about a loaded expectation! Take baby steps. Use the technology we have today to help reduce stress, not increase it. Have you heard of the Headspace app? This is a modern way to help you remember to BREATHE. It will send you daily notifications to stop, meditate/pray and take a moment for yourself. There are a lot of small things you can do to reduce stress throughout your day, and meditation or prayer is one great place to start. Meditation and prayer offer hope.

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Consider Vitamins/Supplements

Before you buy anything, remember that some of the best remedies are free. Get out in the Texas sun and walk for 30 minutes a day with your legs and arms exposed to take in some beneficial vitamin D (maybe not at noon in the heat of the summer, but you get the idea). Supplements and natural products can be beneficial as well. In terms of inflammation, acute and chronic, turmeric can be a great option. Which brands and specific dosages are best for you depends on your situation, but we are happy to help with the details next time you visit.

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Decreasing inflammation is a vast topic, so consider it, “to be continued…” here on the Care First blog. ☺

God Bless,

Kaela Thurman, Family Nurse Practitioner